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Frequently Asked Questions, Top things to do in Morocco

Top things to do in Morocco

Best things to do in Morocco

Dear guests looking for Moroccan tours, before you go to Morocco. You may ask and looking for some information to help you during your tour in Morocco. Here are some information, top things to do and instructions we think that are important to know.

  1. When is a good time to visit Morocco?

    You can travel to Morocco any time of the year. However, there are better and recommended periods to visit Morocco rather than any time else. Morocco is at its best in spring (mid-March to November) when the heat of summer has eased. Moroccan tours are provided all the year by M.E.T Company.

 At other times don’t underestimate the extremes of summer heat and winter, particularly in the high Atlas Mountains, where snowcapped peaks persist from November to July. If you are travelling in winter, head for South, although be prepared for bitterly cold nights. The Moroccan Mediterranean coastlines and Riff Mountains are frequently wet and cloudy in winter and early spring.

  Apart from the weather. It is the time of Ramadan month; the traditional month of fasting and purification, which is another important consideration. During Ramadan some restaurants cafes are closed during the day time and general business hours are reduced.

  1. What Languages are spoken in Morocco? 

  There are number of languages in Morocco, but the two officiallanguages that practiced in Morocco are: Modern standard Arabic and ‘Tamazight’ (Berber). The languages that used by Moroccan associations and administrations are: ‘Classical Arabic’ and ‘French’. Majority of Moroccans speak French language, due to the colonization. There are several Moroccans who speak Spanish as well, and educated people can speak English. Our Moroccan tours lead by your selected tour driver guide.

  1. What is Moroccan Currency? How much is 1Euro in Moroccan Money?

  ‘Moroccan Dirhams’ is the currency of Morocco. The plural form is pronounced darahim, although in French and English “dirhams” is commonly used. Its symbol is “MAD”. The dirham is issued by the Bank Al-Maghrib, the central bank of Morocco. 1 Euro = 10,70 MAD. You can change Euros in many and different places among Morocco country.

You can use to know the rates of world currencies.

  1. How to pay to confirm Moroccan tour with us?

  To confirm any tour with us, the deposit will be required to pay by PayPal or Western Union and the rest of the payment will be settled in cash during the trip. You can pay us either on Euros, USD or Moroccan Dirhams. For the exchange information, you can use website above.

  1. Is the price of private Morocco trip tour same if I am alone, 2 or more?

The Price for any of our private Moroccan tours depend on number of persons whom will take such a tour. The price gets lower if more people shared the tour, and the maximum for 4×4 car we use is 6 Persons.

  1. Public toilets in Morocco?

It is very common to pay 1 dirham for the use of public toilets in Morocco in somewhere. Make sure you bring small coins when you going on tour. You will usually see someone sitting by a table outside the public toilets provides you with tesu and pay him 1dh. Everyone Moroccans and tourists pay 1 dirham for the use of public toilets in different restaurants and cafes in Morocco.

  1. Can I drive myself in Morocco? Rent a car and drive it?

Of course, you can rent a car in Morocco in Casablanca, Marrakech or any city in Morocco has Agencies for renting cars with different types. You can rent car for duration you like and travel where you want in Morocco country. Book your Moroccan tours with experts.

  1. What are some useful and common Moroccan words?

Hello: Salam./ Thank you: Chokran./ Good bye: Bislama. / Where is: Feen?Yes: N’aam. / No: Laa. / Please: A’afaak. / How much:Chhaal? Little: Shwiya. / No thanks: Laa Shokran. / Ok: Waha / Enough: Safi

  1. Are tents in Sahara same? Or different if so, what is difference then?

Of course Sahara desert tents (camps) are different in terms of quality and service. There are two different types of tents in desert: Standard normal tents and Luxury desert tents. Normal: black nomadic tents without shower and WC for share. Luxury white big tent with WC and shower hot water inside thetent and quality. Moroccan tours with luxury option at M.E.T.

10. Is it ok if I photograph people in Morocco? Morocco tours.

Moroccans are differs from one to another. There are people whom do not like tourists to take them pictures. Whereas, some others it’s very normal to take picture to or with. So, it will be better to ask the person first to take him/her picture. Some people may ask you for fee if you want to take a photo, especially snake charmers, artists, and sellers in the street. Well, we recommend you to ask for permission before taking pictures to the people. Moroccan tours and Desert trips tours from Marrakech.


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