Day Tours From Merzouga

Merzouga Desert 4×4 Discovery Tour.

Description of Tour ; in this 4×4 desert excursion, you will have the opportunity to explore and notice major berber spots and areas that contain most real berber archaeology. Also you will have chance to see different norms of Berbers and how they deal with life in their mud-brick houses, tents and cottages…more info down. 

ssg             This 4×4 vehicle tour starts after taking your breakfast and having your lunch, you will ride a comfortable 4×4 comfortable car and, going on discovery tour. Starting from a lake of Merzouga where you can see many floaks of flamingo birds and the source of the farmers who water their fields from that lake. After that we are going to take road to “Khamlia“; the village of black people. There we will discover a band of black musicians wearing white suits. They originally from Senegal and Sudan but they stayed on that village and lived peacefully and happily. We can listen to some of there music, drinking berber tea having fun togather. And then , we drive in dry river (Mirdani) going to the panoramic view of “Mountain The heart of people”. It is a chance to take a lot of pictures of (dunes, landscapes, river, oasis…) also here we can see the plateau of the border between Morocco and Algeria,  next we follow the traditional road to the “M’Ifiss” the area which is the source of different mines such as (coal, fossils, Abaritain…) and see the old settlement of France colonization passing from the village of one family “Mirdani” that its name take the name of the stream river. Our contact with local people will be in the berber tent in which we can see how they live with their livestock, having fun with their children and we may have there berber pizza with tea as lunch. By leaving Nomads we have to drive for almost 20mins to reach the oasis camps, to explore how the camps formed. After we live this real experience we drive back to Merzouga village to do the best activity that is camel trekking crossing the sand dunes to see the sunset over the big dune and spend the night in the desert-camp. We are going to have a Tajin as dinner, listening and share with berber music by drums, watching shining stars and hiking over the dunes.

1 day discovery tour to Rissani city.

5163991       This tour starts in the morning, we will ride our 4×4 vehicle from our hotel in Merzouga and driving towards Rissani : the ancient capital of Tafilalet. Its location as a crossroads between north and south gave the city a certain importance in previous times. Rissani remains a major commercial center in the region, with a large souk, particularly lively on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Sundays. It is noted for its leather and goat skin trading. We are going to enjoy a beautiful ancient architecture of ancient neighborhoods, old shrines and kasbahs of that historical city. Also it is an opportunity to discover many and different traditional workshop of ordinary people ,as well as, visiting some of its bazzars that contain different clothes and carpets that reflect the culture of this region. We will do the shopping and enjoy taking pictures. After that we are going to have delicious lunch in that city. The major dish of Rissani that known by (MADFOUNA); it is traditional and delicious pizza.

Quad Biking in Sahara Desert.

Sahara Desert ATV Quad Adventures in the sand dunes.

Moto Quad bike

Quad Bike

The Moto Quad tours are available all day in different positions among Merzouga town. The trip can starts from the Hotel where the interested guests are in. The tour by Moto Quad bike rented by hours; can be 1 hour, 2 hours…or even all day (12 hours) touring different spots in Erg Chebbi desert.

All tours include a fantastic and fun adventures in the sand dunes of Merzouga desert. You will drive Moto Bike yourselves following a professional guide in same queue. In the great position inside desert sand dunes, you will have a chance to stop for pictures and videos purpose. The goal of the experience is to entertain, enjoy and have fun.


  • All the instructions provided by the guide must be respected, before driving the Moto Quad and also during a tour in dunes.
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